Hair Transplant NYC Cost

A common hair restoration question relates to cost of hair transplants in New York. Before undergoing hair transplant surgery, comparing cost and benefits will be an essential part of planning. 

In a world-class, hair transplant destination like NYC, cosmetic surgeons abound. That means the variety of options might feel overwhelming. You’ll want to select the right specialist who is worth your money and your scalp. 

Comparing fees and formulating questions will help prepare you for a consultation. Here, we’ve outlined a few facts surrounding NYC hair transplant costs and compared other treatments to help you make the best investment in yourself.

Hair Transplant NYC - Costs Vary Between Practitioners

You might see variable pricing between locations and practitioners. As well, from person to person, treatment plans include personalized graft numbers, different timelines, and possible combination treatments. That means each person’s plan and price will be somewhat individual.

People often want a one-time, fast, effective solution for hair loss. However, they don’t want to worry about failed grafts, poor technique, low-quality equipment, or a lack of experience in their technician. The good news is visible scarring is not necessary with today’s hair transplants, and you can be assured of natural-looking results when you choose an expert utilizing top-of-the-line equipment. Be sure to ask whether your hair transplant surgeon has the latest in robotic FUE technology.

Best FUE Hair Transplant in NYC

Dr. Michael Gartner ranks as a #1 Plastic Surgeon in NYC and NJ by RateMDs. He’s also a renowned innovator in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery worldwide.

Together with his expert hair transplant team, he offers the most advanced FUE technology available for dramatic transformations. 

Dr. Gartner is one of the few global leaders providing the HARRTS advanced robotic hair transplant experience. It’s minimally invasive, provides fast recovery and leaves no visible scars. 

Find out what makes Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic a trusted destination for hair restoration. Call to book your personalized information session today! 


Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic NYC

Your one-on-one consultation will allow us to ask critical questions and understand your needs so you get the best result money can buy.

The Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic offers the industry’s best hair transplant technologies, which minimize procedure time with a-traumatic, micro-surgery processes. 

This elite surgical procedure carries higher initial costs than hair loss medications or other scalp therapies, but the long-term benefits are driving more discerning clients to the lasting option.



Hair Restoration is no longer just for the A-list, find out about Nova Medical Hair Transplant.


Before choosing hair transplant surgery, the temptation to try hairpieces, wigs, topical sprays and more may seem cost-effective. However, maintenance of pieces or products will add up over time. Unfortunately, they also fail to provide the peace of mind real, growing hair provides. These costly solutions don’t achieve a natural look, they can be finicky, messy, and are always temporary. 

Medicated shampoos may help to slow hair shedding or make hair shafts feel thicker. Hair growth vitamins are said to have a stimulating effect on the scalp. These scalp nourishing solutions can work for telogen effluvium and stress-related hair loss, but results are not always noticeable or consistent.
Medications like Rogaine have proven somewhat effective for hair loss; however, results are usually temporary and will only stop fallout, not regrow hair. Medications carry risk of unwanted side effects, so they aren’t the right choice for everyone. 

Premium hair loss products and wigs come with a high price tag, so lacklustre results and repeat purchasing make them a questionable investment over time. If what you want is your real hair back, why not invest in transplanting healthy, growing hair, permanently?


In health and beauty conscious NYC, people spend freely on their appearance, from fashion to personal trainers.

When a man begins to lose hair – especially if he’s still young – he may see romantic and career prospects slipping away. Though male pattern baldness is common and not an indication of low virility, men worry they look older or less masculine without hair.

Losing hair affects self-esteem, so you might pay any price to restore confidence. However, we think choosing hair restoration can be an economical and wise investment with a little research.

In NYC, the cost of HARRTS custom FUE hair transplants has become an established must-have for the style-conscious man. Scientific breakthroughs in hair restoration make dramatic but realistic results more accessible for people who just want to feel like themselves again. 


FUE, (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplants in New York have never been more affordable. Perhaps more compelling, is what you can get- and what you won’t get – for that price. 

Advancements in follicle graft technology mean you won’t get the long, noticeable scalp scar that previous methods caused.

FUT (strip method) transplants required large, visible scars because they excised an entire section of scalp.

Instead, tiny punch devices now extract small, micro-groups of follicles in bunches of 2-3. The holes made are so small they don’t require incision care or bandages- they simply close quickly and blend in. 

At the recipient site on your crown or hairline, micro-slits receive one or two hairs at a time and follow the natural density and growth pattern of normal hair. In the right hands, results are indistinguishable from the real thing- even up close. 

The best part about permanent hair transplants is washable, stylable, hair that eliminates daily worry about hairpiece maintenance, activity limitations or giving your secret away. Follicle grafts are DHT resistant because they’re taken from the back and sides of the head. They won’t shed over time the way your previous hair did. Once your new hair takes root, say goodbye to fears of progressive balding for good.

Your NYC hair transplant cost could be the best money you ever spend. It’s the only guaranteed way to regrow hair.


The Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic in NYC uses the latest technology known as HARRTS. This revolutionary system was developed by researchers, doctors, and engineers to ensure graft survival, decrease procedure time, and transfer the highest number of thriving follicles. An over 90% take rate means many clients need only one, 5 to 6-hour procedure.

Imagine exchanging a single, transformative hair transplant for the lifetime of lesser, expensive product applications you might have endured. One hair transplant can revive your appearance and your life.

Nova Medical clients include A-list celebrities, CEOS and professionals who value discretion and accommodating service. Many people can’t take weeks to hide out or pause demanding careers. That’s why the rapid recovery and near-scarless results we offer appeal to people from all walks of life.

Because appearance affects how we carry ourselves- privately, and in the boardroom- today’s advanced hair transplant results lend a competitive edge and sometimes reveal benefits in surprising ways.



An important part of FUE cost equation should be the skill, equipment and results provided by your chosen clinic. In a marketplace saturated with poorly trained “technicians” and low-tier transplant devices, consumers are often encouraged to select cheaper options. We believe cutting corners, or “discount” hair transplants lead to regrets. In the long run, it’s never worth choosing unsafe or inadequate service when it comes to your health and long-term appearance.

Our experienced, qualified staff will ensure safety throughout your experience. Fees related to properly qualified board-certified plastic surgeons and accredited facilities may seem higher than technician-based clinics but paying for a wealth of knowledge and expertise mitigates risks, reduces scars, unforeseen costs, and disappointments.

Expert hair transplant outcomes appear seamlessly natural- as though you haven’t undergone a procedure at all. At the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic in NYC and NJ, our industry-leading hair loss specialists can make your hair replacement dreams come true. This is what we do best, and we know you’ll not only love your look but appreciate the value for years to come.


Hair Restoration is no longer just for the A-list, find out about Nova Medical Hair Transplant.

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