Common Problems with a Hair Transplant

Unfortunately, many men notice their hair thinning over time as a result of the natural ageing process, genetics, and certain skin problems.

While two-thirds of men experience balding in their fifties and sixties, 25% of men may experience this as early as their twenties. Understandably, abrupt hair loss has a negative influence on men’s self-esteem, but many men are hesitant to seek hair replacement surgery because previous generations of treatments produced unnatural and unpredictable outcomes, earning hair transplants a terrible reputation. With today’s best FUE hair transplant technologies, we’ve gone a long way, but there are still a few things to keep in mind while planning your hair restoration procedure.

The strip approach, in instance, was historically a time-consuming and labor-intensive surgery performed in an operating room. It entailed creating a long incision towards the rear of the head, where hair growth was still present, and then implanting big plug grafts into hairless parts of the scalp. As a result, noticeable scalp scars and a difficult recovery made this technique less desirable to many men as a hair rejuvenation alternative.

Fortunately, thanks to today’s cutting-edge technology, a more effective, nearly scar-free hair transplant procedure is now available. We use the state-of-the-art HARRTS FUE hair transplant technology at the New York Hair Transplant Clinic to efficiently extract and implant hair grafts in a way that ensures the hairs remain healthy and the natural hair development cycle is not interrupted. The extraordinarily high success rates of the FUE device, combined with our significant knowledge and expertise, assures that you will get results that are so natural-looking that the hair transplant will often go undetected. While the greatest FUE hair transplants are extremely safe and successful, if you have a hair transplant in New York, the following guidelines will help you achieve the best outcomes and recover as quickly as possible.

Follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions

It is critical to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions both before and after your hair loss operation. Although complications are uncommon, like with any surgical operation, there are risks, and good pre- and post-operative care can help reduce the possibility of frustration. As a result, it’s critical to adhere to your surgeon’s recuperation instructions to ensure optimal “take” of surviving hair grafts, minimise infection, and promote the best hair growth results.

Avoid alcohol before and after your procedure

Avoiding alcohol for at least two weeks before your hair transplant treatment is advised. It can thin your blood in large enough doses, increasing the risk of bleeding or bruising during the surgery. While alcohol should be avoided for at least 48 hours after surgery, abstaining from alcohol for many days is recommended to guarantee the best possible outcome as the transplanted hair follicles repair. When it is safe to reintroduce alcoholic beverages, your surgeon will advise you.


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More Hair Transplant Dos’ & Don’ts

Take your antibiotics as directed.

Despite the fact that the danger of infection is very low with today’s modern micro-surgery hair transplant techniques, you will be given an antibiotic prescription to keep you safe while you heal. It is critical to fill your prescription prior to your treatment and to take the antibiotics for the full course recommended by your cosmetic surgeon.

Protect your head from the sun by wearing a hat.

If you will be exposed to the sun during the first few days after your surgery, you should wear a loose, comfortable hat to protect your head from the sun while also avoiding applying direct pressure to the treatment region, since this may compromise your outcomes.

Use spray on shampoo

We urge that you treat the recipient site with extreme caution for the first seven to ten days after your procedure. Early on, this gentleness will go a long way toward ensuring that you are satisfied with the results. Within a few days, patients will be able to wash their hair gently, but they will be instructed on how to do so without scratching, pressing, or pulling on newly grafted hairs. Revivogen Bio Cleansing Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner, for example, are specialised hair growth products that will nourish your hair and protect your investment.

For a period of 6-8 weeks, refrain from colouring your hair.

If you colour your hair, you should not do so within a week of your hair transplant process, and you should wait at least six to eight weeks afterward before colouring your hair again. Only use a semi-permanent hair colour for the first three months, as a permanent colour may damage your newly transplanted grafts. Permanent hair colour can be safely reintroduced three months after your operation.

While the above suggestions will help you avoid frequent complications after your hair transplant, entrusting the hair restoration professionals at the New York Hair Transplant Clinic is the best method to achieve an outstanding result. HARRTS uses only the most advanced hair transplant technology in New York to produce results that are nearly indistinguishable from a complete, natural head of hair. You can rest assured that your hair transplant procedure in New York will produce dramatic yet undetectable results. Please contact our clinic today to learn more and to schedule a consultation.

Avoid Tobacco Products

What a great moment to give up smoking! With a new head of hair, you will be healthier and younger-looking.

There are also severe health reasons to refrain from using any nicotine products before and after your treatment. Nicotine reduces blood flow and shrinks vessels, impairing circulation. For wounds, this implies a longer time for them to heal, and for newly implanted hairs in your scalp, smoking means they won’t get the nutrition and oxygen they need to take where they’re grafted, develop, and thrive. Minor scabbing in healthy patients usually resolves within a week, and the micro-incisions are deemed closed within a few days. Swelling is minimal, and the HARRTS hair transplant system manages harvested follicles with such care that most patients can expect a take rate of over 90%. A healthy scalp and excellent circulation are important for the effectiveness of this industry-leading hair loss remedy.


Hair Restoration is no longer just for the A-list, find out about Nova Medical Hair Transplant.

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