Ideal New York Hair Regrowth Candidates

If you’ve been considering a hair transplant in New York, you’ve probably been wondering if you’re a good candidate for this type of procedure.

Normally when people experience hair loss or thinning they would assume that they would be an appropriate candidate for a hair transplant procedure but that may not always be the case. Hair loss may be caused by hereditary conditions or even a medical condition in which these can both be a temporary or permanent condition. In most cases hair loss in men make up almost ⅔ of men reporting thinning or hair loss before the age of 50.

A great aspect for women and men that are struggling with hair loss is with the help of our leading hair restoration technology we can effectively treat and reverse this condition to promote healthy new hair growth to achieve thick, dense and a healthy head of hair. Traditionally, having a full head of hair in both men and women has always been associated with self-esteem and self-confidence and once you start to experience hair loss that can be greatly affected for most.

Alopecia, also known as hair loss, is a highly common condition with statistics showing that hair loss affects men roughly 70% and upwards of 50% of women in their lifetime. While both men and women can experience alopecia throughout their lifetime, it is mostly noticeable in men as women normally shed hair in specific areas of the scalp that can be covered with the rest of their remaining hair.

Androgenic alopecia is also known as male pattern baldness and is considered to be the type of hair loss condition that has a permanent effect. In some cases women will experience female pattern baldness that is due to similar hormonal influences but mostly men will be prone to this condition. For this reason men make better candidates than women for a hair transplant as it’s generally easier to place grafts in the correct locations on the scalp.

Usually in women’s hair loss conditions they tend to lose hair in different areas and patterns on the scalp and this is also known as diffuse hair loss. Diffuse hair loss is thinning of the hair throughout the head which also includes the sides and the back of the scalp. Since most of these areas usually serve as the donor site for the hair transplant it can sometimes be a challenge to achieve the optimal results that you’re expecting. However if the woman is experiencing a case of hair loss at the hairline or thinning at the crown, they would qualify for the hair transplant.

Male Hair Regrowth Candidates

Hair restoration surgery has been an optimal solution for hair loss for decades now. Technology has greatly advanced over the years and allowed us to create flawless results with minimal scarring. To ensure that you’re a good candidate for a hair restoration surgery it does consist of a few factors. Depending whether you’re suffering from hereditary hair loss or from a medical condition it ultimately depends on the type of hair loss. Most men who suffer from Androgenic alopecia that are looking for a permanent solution would qualify for a hair transplant procedure. That being said, women who are also suffering from hair loss causes such as Cicatricial alopecia also known as scarring alopecia may also be good candidates for a hair transplant procedure.

Ethnicity Factor

While most qualifying patients are good candidates for a hair transplant, ethnicity is another important factor that will help determine if you’re the optimal candidate for a hair regrowth transplant.

Ethnicity plays a role in the determination of your candidacy due to the type of hair you may have. Hair type can vary from thin, straight, coarse or wavy and will all determine whether you have enough hair follicles for a successful transplant. On average European ethnicity usually tend to have the most hair follicles followed by Asians, and then African-Americans.

When it comes to hair restoration surgery, the number of hair follicles plays an incredibly important role in determining how many hairs can be harvested for your hair transplant. In any case apart from ethnicity and gender, if you’ve been experiencing hair loss for at least 5 years or more this makes you the ideal hair transplant candidate. The reason being that surgeries are not generally recommended for those who are young and have not yet gone through the natural hair loss process. If the hair loss process has not yet ceased, the grafts may end up incorrectly distributed as you age and future balding proceeds.

In most cases, a majority of the candidates that are looking for a FUE hair transplant are normally the individuals who are seeing premature hair loss and thinning which results in an aged appearance. Our New York FUE hair transplant has provided satisfactory results with an express recovery time being one of the most popular hair transplant methods to our candidates. For those who have been struggling with self-esteem and self-confidence issues due to hair loss, you can expect a noticeable improvement following the procedure.


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Ideal Hair Regrowth Candidates

At our state-of-the-art New York location, the majority of our patients are great candidates for a hair loss procedure. Whether they have an advanced hair loss condition or are simply looking to increase the hair thickness in a certain thinning area, our HARRTS and FUE procedure are great hair restoration methods that are minimally invasive and provide a permanent hair loss solution. Ideal hair loss candidates who are seeking a hair transplant will be able to benefit from this approach. Our advanced methods create results with no visible scarring and no downtime associated with the procedure, giving you the flexibility and freedom following your procedure.

New York Hair Transplant Satisfaction

While hair loss is a common occurrence in the women and men population, most candidates who report the highest level of satisfaction from their hair transplant procedure are the ones that have been dealing with hair loss for a number of years. Experiencing hair loss can be emotionally difficult for some, finding a permanent solution such as our FUE procedure could be exactly the procedure for you.

Most people who experience hair loss normally attempt to use temporary solutions that can be costly and time consuming but if you’re seeking a permanent solution, our leading hair loss technology can get you on the right path for success.

Following your hair transplant procedure, it is highly recommended to follow the general guidelines given to you by your surgeon. Implementing these guidelines into your recovery period will ultimately promote a healthy recovery and avoid any complications. Men or Women who are looking for a permanent and effective solution for their hair loss can trust that our New York hair loss specialists can restore your confidence and make those dream results a reality.

FUE New York Hair Transplant Technology

Leading edge FUE devices

Our New York hair transplant clinic specializes in revolutionary hair transplant methods known as the FUE hair transplant. This method utilizes the HARRTS robotic technology that is designed to carefully extract micro-hair grafts from the scalp. This keeps more individual hair grafts viable for implantation and to promote a successful overall new growth of the hair. This method is less invasive which does not involve the use of scalpels- meaning no stitches or staples for a quick and easy recovery. The FUE procedure has many great benefits while being a quick and efficient treatment; it only requires minimal downtime and delivers permanent results that you can enjoy following your procedure.

Find out if you are an ideal candidate for our leading hair transplant procedure at our New York hair transplant clinic.

Other Candidate Types

Whether you’re seeking a hair transplant procedure due to hereditary hair loss or simply looking to achieve aesthetic improvements, our FUE hair loss technology can achieve prime results. Our FUE method has a success rate of 90%. If you are considered to be a good candidate for this type of procedure, it’s important to have realistic expectations following the treatment. In order to successfully reverse hair loss there must be a sufficient amount of donor hair to be grafted and transferred. Since there is a limited amount of hair that can be used for the initial transplant, it’s extremely necessary that the donor area has great hair density in order to achieve those optimal results.

Each candidate varies on a case-by-case basis, during your consultation at our New York Hair Transplant Clinic your case will be assessed individually to ensure that a proper treatment plan will be implemented to guarantee that your ultimate goals are achieved.


Hair Restoration is no longer just for the A-list, find out about Nova Medical Hair Transplant.

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