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Hair Restoration with FUT in NYC – Achieving Natural Density with Precision

Exploring FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) Hair Transplant:

Understanding FUT Hair Transplant:

Hair naturally grows in clusters of one to four strands, referred to as follicular units (FUs). At Nova Medical Hair Transplant, we employ these single follicular unit grafts to create results that look natural and are typically permanent. These units are harvested from regions of the scalp with denser, more permanent hair growth, like the back and sides.

Our FUT Approach:

The Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUT) method involves taking a strip of hair-rich skin from the donor area, which is then meticulously segmented into individual FUs for transplantation to thinning regions. This strip method, when executed with precision, results in a barely visible fine-line scar on the back of the scalp, which usually remains hidden unless the hair is cut extremely short.

The FUE Alternative:

In contrast, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) surgery is the process of individually removing donor follicles using a specialized, motorized surgical tool. This technique’s primary benefit is that it allows for extremely short hairstyles, or even complete shaving of the donor area, without noticeable scarring.

In NYC, FUT, or Follicular Unit Strip Surgery, is a long-standing method for acquiring grafts needed for hair transplantation. This technique involves surgically excising a strip of hair-bearing scalp from the back of the head. The dimensions of this strip are about 1 cm high and can extend to more than 20 cm in length, tailored to the patient’s individual needs. Following the removal, the edges of the donor site are sutured back together with a technique that typically leaves a stitch in place for a week to ten days. The strategic placement of this incision means that it’s hidden by the patient’s hair above and below, keeping it out of sight as the area heals.

In the meticulous process that follows, the harvested donor strip is then microscopically divided into individual follicular units to be ready for transplantation. The efficiency of FUT lies in its ability to harvest a large number of grafts in a shorter time frame, and the microscopic division ensures that these grafts remain intact and undamaged.

While FUT’s efficiency is notable, it does come with the trade-off of leaving a linear scar. However, the scar, typically only 1-2 mm in width, is usually a minor cosmetic concern for most patients. At Nova Medical Hair Transplant, we enhance the healing process with an advanced “trichophytic closure” technique, which allows the patient’s hair to grow through the scar line, often making the scar virtually undetectable, further minimizing any aesthetic impact of the procedure.

FUE vs FUT Hair Transplant

Discover the reasons FUE isn’t universally applicable and the circumstances leading some patients to opt for the FUT hair transplant technique.

Some clinics exclusively perform FUE procedures and often promote it as a “no-scalpel” or “scar-free” method, implying that FUT is an antiquated and invasive option that results in significant scarring. We believe such representations could be somewhat deceptive to patients. It’s accurate that FUE avoids a long, continuous cut and doesn’t necessitate sutures; however, it still results in small scars. These may appear as tiny, pale spots that could become noticeable if the hair is very closely cropped or shaved. It’s important for patients to understand that scarring is a consequence of any surgical intervention.

Certain establishments may specialize solely in FUE surgeries because they only ventured into hair restoration after the introduction of automated FUE devices, and hair transplantation isn’t their primary expertise. In such places, the procedure may largely be carried out by technicians. At Nova Medical, our expertise in hair transplantation predates the advent of automated FUE technology, equipping us with the comprehensive skill set and experience required to recommend the most suitable procedure for each individual’s unique situation. We advise anyone considering a hair transplant to thoroughly research and ask pertinent questions when selecting a clinic.

Nova Medical Hair Transplant prides itself on presenting an extensive selection of hair restoration solutions. Currently, around 80% of our male clientele choose FUE for their procedure. Nonetheless, FUT remains the procedure of choice for particular patients, especially women and men who prefer to keep their hair long. The rationale behind this preference is that FUT necessitates trimming only the actual section of hair to be transplanted. On the contrary, FUE requires the shaving of a broader region of the scalp’s back and sides—a prospect not typically favored by female patients. Additionally, individuals who wear their hair long at the back typically show little concern for donor scar visibility since it remains hidden by their hair. At Nova Medical, we recognize that FUE and FUT each carry their unique benefits and drawbacks. We are committed to offering both methods, believing that a comprehensive hair transplantation center should cater to the distinct requirements of each patient with personalized care.

Each patient at Nova Medical Hair Transplant receives a thorough evaluation by our board-certified surgeons and experts. We consider various elements such as existing and potential future hair loss patterns, donor hair availability, scalp flexibility, and the texture and pigment of the hair and skin. By integrating all these factors with the patient’s own desires, we are able to tailor a recommendation that is personalized and apt for the individual.

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What to expect from follicular unit transplantation (FUT) in NYC

When you opt for follicular unit transplantation (FUT) at Nova Medical Hair Transplant in NYC, you are stepping into a cutting-edge surgical environment that meets the highest benchmarks of safety and comfort. Our surgical team is composed of board-certified professionals specialized in head, neck, and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, boasting extensive experience in FUT procedures.

Our commitment to excellence is evident as we consistently utilize individual follicular unit grafts for all our hair transplant operations, whether FUT or FUE. By closely following the tenets of aesthetic hairline design—prioritizing natural appearance and even density—and through detailed surgical planning and precision, our results are reliably outstanding.

Patients who choose our facility can anticipate a smooth experience with minimal discomfort, scarring, or recovery time. Our patient satisfaction reflects the high-quality outcome and overall positive experience of their hair transplant journey with us.

Before the Procedure

Prior to your procedure at Nova Medical Hair Transplant in NYC, you’ll engage in a consultation and consent sequence, similar to all our surgical practices. This step ensures that the aims and expectations of your treatment are clearly outlined. Additionally, you will receive thorough instructions for both before and after your surgery. Adhering to these guidelines is crucial for safeguarding your well-being and minimizing potential complications throughout your FUT experience in NYC.

The Day of Surgery

On your surgery day at Nova Medical Hair Transplant, you’ll convene with your surgeon and technicians to reaffirm the surgery objectives and strategy. Your hairline area will be outlined and photographed before the surgery begins. To ease you into the procedure, a mild oral sedative will be given, and the donor region will be neatly trimmed and numbed with a local anesthetic. During this numbing phase, you will lie face down, akin to positioning on a massage table. Some minor discomfort is expected, but it typically lasts only a few minutes and most patients find it quite tolerable.

The donor strip’s removal is a swift process, lasting about 10-30 minutes, and is performed without causing any pain due to the effective anesthesia. The incision site is then carefully closed using a refined trichophytic technique, which often results in a barely visible fine-line scar.

While the donor strip is being separated into individual follicular units by our team under microscopic dissection, the surgeon or technician will numb the recipient area. This too might cause slight discomfort momentarily. After numbing, your expert crafts the recipient sites, showcasing their skill and artistic approach to replicate a natural hairline.

The meticulous implantation of the follicular units into these sites takes several hours, involving a blend of pre-made sites and precise “stick and place” methods. This ensures a highly natural look is achieved.

Considering the procedure typically spans a considerable part of the day, we ensure you are catered with meals, snacks, and sufficient breaks during the process. Many patients pass the time enjoying music, podcasts, or other forms of entertainment. Despite its length, the overall experience is often found to be quite comfortable and relaxing by most patients.

As the day concludes, our team will give you a thorough briefing on aftercare instructions. Detailed care directions for the donor and recipient sites will be provided, along with a review of your medications. A care package with instructions and necessary supplies will be handed to you, and we recommend arranging for a ride home since driving after medication is not advisable.

FUT Recovery

Recovery from an FUT hair transplant is usually straightforward. Post-operation, a one-week antibiotic prescription is given to avert infection, and medication to reduce swelling is provided. Pain post-surgery is typically minimal and often managed with common pain relievers such as Tylenol or Advil, although stronger painkillers are available if necessary. Care instructions for the treated areas and hair washing guidance are thoroughly provided. For those who’ve had FUT, a follow-up for suture removal is scheduled for 7-10 days post-surgery. Our office staff is on standby to assist with any inquiries.

Post-transplant swelling is common, sometimes extending to the forehead, eyelids, or cheeks, resulting in temporary puffiness, but this is a normal reaction and not a cause for concern. The treated areas will form scabs that should be kept clean and hydrated, with gentle hair washing commencing after a couple of days. Scabs typically clear within a week, and the new follicles generally start to grow within three months. It’s usual for patients to take a week off from face-to-face work duties post-procedure. Light physical activity can be resumed in 7-10 days, but it’s best to wait 2-3 weeks before engaging in intense exercise or swimming.

Hair growth from the transplanted follicles is typically visible within 2-3 months. To enhance graft growth and safeguard against hair loss in adjacent areas, some patients might use treatments like Rogaine or PRP injections. Significant progress is usually noticeable by 4-6 months, and it can take 12-18 months to see the full benefits of the transplant. The new hair is permanent and can be styled, trimmed, and treated just like your natural hair, without restrictions on swimming or other activities.

FUT as a Hair Restoration Solution in NYC

FUT stands as a premier choice for addressing hair loss in both men and women.

Renowned for its precision and excellence, follicular unit transplantation is a pinnacle achievement in hair restoration techniques. Nova Medical Hair Transplant takes pride in offering FUT, providing transformative outcomes for individuals of all genders through advanced methods within our fully equipped, secure, and welcoming facility. We believe hair restoration transcends the physical, bolstering self-assurance and overall life satisfaction.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), also known in some circles as the strip method, stands out as a top choice in hair restoration treatments today, especially in NYC. FUT is renowned for its safety, minimal invasiveness, and high efficiency, boasting success rates between 80-95% and only a 3-5% chance of graft rejection. 

For those in NYC facing the challenges of alopecia, FUT offers a compelling solution for hair restoration. Its effectiveness and popularity maintain its status as a globally sought-after method for hair recovery. If you’re interested in discovering how FUT hair restoration can bring a significant positive change in your life by restoring not just your hair but also your self-esteem, book a consultation with our experts.

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FUT is a great hair loss (alopecia) treatment for men and women.

Confronting hair loss can be challenging, but solutions are within reach to reclaim your hair and confidence. We welcome you to delve into the resources available on our site to understand how Nova Medical Hair Transplant can assist in your journey. We then urge you to advance this discovery by arranging a consultation, either in-person or virtually, with our surgical experts to tailor an FUT hair restoration strategy suited to your needs. Reach out to us via our listed phone number or secure an appointment directly through our online booking system. We’re ready to guide you every step of the way.

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