FUT hair transplant in New York

If you’ve been considering a hair transplant and you’re trying to figure out whether the FUE or the FUT method would work best for your unique case, New York Hair Transplant is here to help get you on the right path through your hair transplant journey.

At our state of the art clinic we offer both hair restoration methods, FUE and FUT to our clients. When it comes to hair restoration surgery it can be difficult to differentiate the procedures we offer to your specific case. Before you start to pursue the decision of receiving a hair restoration treatment it’s important to know the difference between the two popular methods that we offer.

The FUT hair transplant procedure at our NYC clinic also known as the strip method is a procedure that occurs when a thin strip of scalp is removed from the donor region of the patients scalp at the lower, or back of the head- this is normally the areas that the hair growth is denser.

The other method that we use at our clinic is called the FUE hair transplant technique. This method is a tiny punch tool that is used to remove each hair graft from the donor area one by one. To put it simply, both of these popular methods are similar by which the hair for the transplant is harvested. Insertion of small, individual hair grafts is done though carefully placed, tiny slits made in the donor area, for a successful natural-looking result regardless of which method that was used for your hair restoration procedure.

When it comes to hair transplants, FUT is considered to be the “traditional” approach. When this method is used the follicular units, which naturally occur in groups of 1 to 4 hairs, are harvested from a strip of the scalp that is divided under a microscope in the operating room. The FUT process is also known as stereo microscopic dissection which has been used for many years. The follicular units are extracted from the donor strip and carefully dissected by hand under microscope, while always using great care to not damage the follicle during this process. We ensure that the follicular units are completely intact in order to maximize their growth once they are grafted.

FUT and FUE Hair Transplant at New York

The FUT procedure has been used for decades and has advanced greatly over the years. One of the major advances with the FUT method has been the use of stereomicroscopes which gives the surgeons a more precise dissection of the hair grafts. During the FUT procedure the survival of the grafts is maximized which makes the hair and the skin on the scalp look fully natural as the transplant begins to mature over the upcoming months. 


Additionally, the maximum number of grafts can be harvested during the procedure and transplanted using this approach which can be the most appropriate option for significant balding.

When patients make the decision to undergo a FUE hair transplant the back of the head needs to be shaved so we recommend temporarily picking a very short haircut for that time being. On the other hand with the FUT method, only a strip of the hair needs to be trimmed or removed which is more appealing to some patients who would like to keep the look of their hair the same and return to their regular lives quickly without showing the obvious signs of a hair transplant procedure- that is if the hair is already long enough to hide the affected area.


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Difference Between the Procedures

We are often asked what the differences are between the two popular hair transplant methods FUE and FUT that we offer at our New York location and there are certainly some key differences. The FUT method, most patients will require a line of sutures and this will typically take the same amount of time for the incision to fully heal, whereas with FUE, there are no stitches required and it is considered to be a less invasive procedure.

The FUT hair transplant typically does leave behind a thin linear scar that even the most skilled and experienced surgeons cannot avoid. While the FUE method does form randomized tiny small dots that are spread out over the donor area, due to this the scars that are a result of the FUE procedure are usually less noticeable as they are mostly dispersed through the scalp.

Normally during the initial decision process there are pros and cons to consider for your uniquely tailored hair transplant procedure. Within your consultation with one of our hair transplant experts you will go over your hair type and your desired goals to develop the best surgical plan customized to you. While determining which method is best for you personally it’s important to note that each technique is ideal for specific candidates and they will vary. For most men, especially those who have significant balding, FUE is normally not a suitable method to use to achieve the ideal results and fullness they are hoping for.

FUT Unique Technique

Our FUT technique is normally performed to cover larger hair transplants areas where the level of the balding is much more advanced. This method is preferred as most patients are able to enjoy more significant graft volumes in just one procedure. If your procedure is considered a smaller hair transplant, such as filling in the hairline, facial hair transplants or grafts targeted to cover up previous scars on the scalp, FUE is generally the best approach.

In addition, another important factor when it comes to appropriateness for either of the procedures is scalp laxity. If it happens that there is an increased risk of a widened scar on the scalp or the scalp laxity is not sufficient for the strip method, the FUE technique will need to be used alternatively.

If you’re looking to find out if you’re a good candidate for our state-of-the-art hair transplant FUT at our New York Hair Transplant Clinic please Contact Us for additional information and to book your very own consultation with one of our experts.

Our Clinic

Choosing the right hair transplant clinic for you.

Finding the right clinic that specializes in both the FUE and FUT is crucial as every hair transplant case varies per client. Both of our methods offer distinctive advantages and are targeted to different needs. If you’re wanting the most optimal results from your hair restoration procedure, it’s important to choose a clinic that has extensive experience and expertise in both of the methods.

Regardless if you decide to pursue the FUT hair transplant or opt for the FUE method, you can expect to leave with a renewed sense of confidence following your treatment at our New York location.

Advantage of a New York FUT Hair Transplant

There are many benefits and advantages of a New York FUT hair transplant procedure and to put it simply, it typically yields the largest amount of hair grafts. If you’re looking for dramatic results, the New York FUT method is often the most preferred technique.

During your FUT procedure, the hair will be harvested from the mid portion of the donor area on the scalp. This is typically the area where the hair tends to be the most resistant to shedding and thinning due to male pattern baldness. This helps to maximize the yield of high-quality grafts.

In some cases both of the FUE and FUT procedures are suitable for patients. On occasion, the FUT procedure is used to maximize the yield of donor hair, and after several sessions, the scalp may become too tight for a strip to be harvested, or the scar may be wider than anticipated.

In both situations, the FUE method can assist by obtaining additional grafts, or to disguise the appearance of the scar from the previous FUT procedure. If the client has previously had a FUT procedure that has left unwanted scarring which the patient is uncomfortable with, the unique FUE techniques can be a good follow-up solution.

Comparing FUE and FUT in NYC

There are recognizable differences to consider while choosing between the FUE and FUT for your New York hair transplant. If you decide to move forward with the FUT technique, the initial donor strip is removed from the scalp, and the grafts are dissected at once while the surgeon prepares the patient’s site on the scalp.

If you’re using the FUE method, the grafts will be harvested one at a time and it can slightly be a longer process. Since the client’s area will be prepared after all of the grafts have been removed, the session itself will take longer than an FUT treatment session.

For those who are considering a procedure at New York FUT Hair Transplant clinic, booking your consultation will be the best way to determine which technique will be the most effective for you, to ensure we are able to achieve optimal results in the end.


Hair Restoration is no longer just for the A-list, find out about Nova Medical Hair Transplant.

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