What is The Best Hair Transplant in NYC?

Hair loss surgery has evolved. The newest technology came a long way from the standard strip hair transplant surgeries of the past. Read here for the most up to date hair transplant cost in NYC. 

In style-conscious NYC, the best hair transplant systems create exceptionally natural-looking results for demanding clientele. FUE (follicular unit excision) is the least invasive method to restore a lush, younger-looking head of hair and it and carries the highest success rates of all hair growth options. 
Using a precision rotatory punch device accompanied by smart technology, hair transplant surgeons harvest micro-grafts containing only 1-3 hairs at a time. FUE methods carefully remove the shaft and bulb of hairs along with vital surrounding tissue, but the grafts are only 1mm or less in diameter.  That means the donor sites heal with nearly imperceptible traces of surgery and the recreation of hairlines is soft and natural- flawless. 

NYC FUE Graft Placement

Your hair transplant surgeon will strategize meticulous placement of grafts into tiny slits in your hairline and crown between existing hairs. Careful attention is paid to the correct direction, density, and patterns of natural hair growth so your new hair will blend optimally, never appearing fake.
New York hair transplant patients appreciate that after FUE, they can resume work and most regular activities just a few days following their procedure. With minimal signs of surgery on the scalp, the inconvenience to busy schedules is minor. 
You’ll experience a short, initial shedding phase then see new hairs growing within 3 months. Over several months, watch as the hair thickens and strengthens to match the hair you remember. By one-year, full results are appreciated, and confidence is restored.

Best FUE Hair Transplant in NYC

Dr. Michael Gartner ranks as a #1 Plastic Surgeon in NYC and NJ by RateMDs. He’s also a renowned innovator in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery worldwide.

Together with his expert hair transplant team, he offers the most advanced FUE technology available for dramatic transformations. 

Dr. Gartner is one of the few global leaders providing the HARRTS advanced robotic hair transplant experience. It’s minimally invasive, provides fast recovery and leaves no visible scars. 

Find out what makes Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic a trusted destination for hair restoration. Call to book your personalized information session today! 


NYC FUE Graft Placement

The average person’s hair grows 6 inches per year, but all follicles aren’t constantly active.  At any given time, some of your follicles are resting and others are shedding their strands. We naturally lose over 100 hairs per day.

Your hair follicles are all in one of the following stages:


In the “growth” phase of your hair cycle, rapid cell division takes place at the root resulting in roughly 1 cm of growth per month. About 90% of your hair is in the anagen phase and it lasts up to 8 years.


For only about 2-3 weeks, hairs on your scalp enter the transitional, Catagen stage. It accounts for about 3% of hairs. The hair root sheath shrinks during this short phase and growth slows to a standstill.


This is the resting phase of the cycle. Roughly 6% to 8% of all your hair is in this inactive stage at any time


Hair Restoration is no longer just for the A-list, find out about Nova Medical Hair Transplant.

The Reasons For Hair Loss

Hair shedding, thinning, and balding is known medically as alopecia. The contributing factors for alopecia vary from medical conditions to genetics, to medications. Not all causes of hair loss are permanent, so it’s essential to meet with a knowledgeable specialist and understand your pattern of hair fallout before intervening.

Androgenic alopecia refers to genetic, pattern balding experienced by 70% of males and up to 50% of females. Pattern hair loss tends to be progressive and permanent. 

You may experience a receding hairline for other reasons as well. Telogen effluvium describes a temporary change in follicles that are actively growing hair. Most often, strand sparsity due to TE is seen on the top of the head. Common triggers include mental or physical stress like surgery, trauma, and extreme emotional states. 

Nutrition plays a role in hair health so vitamin deficiencies, anemia and thyroid disfunction also contribute to hair loss. 

Medications like antidepressants sometimes carry a warning of hair loss as a side effect.
Traction alopecia is a type of thinning or balding related to prolonged tension and pulling of the hair. Once the cause is removed, hair may grow back. 

Many women experience hair changes during pregnancy or menopause due to rapid hormone shifts.
Whenever people experience sudden or unexplained hair loss, we recommend medical attention to investigate and ensure they are in optimal health. In some cases, the fallout can be reversed.
The Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic takes a personalized approach to hair restoration. Your private consultation will help Dr. Gartner identify concerns, the cause of your hair loss, and determine a strategy to revive your locks. 

Ultra-realistic, micro FUE transplant grafts have changed the game. A cure for balding no longer requires complex operations or strong medication. Ask about what FUE can do for you.

When Can You Enjoy Your New Hair?

Most people see new growth appear within 3 months of their procedure. Within one year, Nova Medical patients see the strong, thick, real hair they’ve been missing. They can wash, cut, and style as they wish with no maintenance to fuss over.  

Dr. Gartner’s HARRTS robotic transplant technology is considered the best hair restoration on the market. The results yield exceptionally high satisfaction rates and follicle “take” rates over 90%. 

Your donor hair will come from the back or sides of your scalp where growth tends to be dense, and more naturally resistant to DHT that triggers hair loss. The hairs carry that resilience with them to the new location for long lasting density.  


FUE Hair Transplant Advantages

The top benefits for HARRTS FUE hair transplant include:

A natural look you can feel confident about. Nobody wants to have hair that appears transplanted. You can avoid the ‘hair plug’ results of the 90s with artfully placed micro-grafts, restoring your real, growing hair in a way that matches natural thickness, direction, and hairline shape. Only you will know. 

Virtually invisible scarring. Old-fashioned hair implant procedures required removal of scalp tissue, leaving a long, visible scar. Instead, FUE utilizes exceptionally small, micro-hair grafts and places them individually. This allows for realistic results even up close. The donor site blends tiny, randomized excision sites with the remaining hair. 

Fast, in-office procedure. NYC hair transplants can be done in a single, 5-hour session while you relax in a comfortable clinic setting. The advanced FUE technology allows your surgeon to implant your new, growing head of hair without stepping foot in an operating room. 

Rapid Recovery. Painful recovery is a concern for many. The new FUE hair transplant methods use such small incisions that wound healing is straightforward and fast. The procedure discomfort is considered much less than previously as well.
Topical anesthetic applied to the scalp generally keeps the patient quite comfortable during their treatment so they can read, listen to music, or watch TV. Patients experience minor swelling and sensitivity post-procedure.

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Nearly 2 out of three men suffer hair loss, even beginning in their early 20s. If you’re considering hair restoration, you no longer need to fear surgery. Today’s FUE methods are minimally invasive, fast and offer fabulously natural results. Your transformation could be just a consultation away.

The experts at the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic will explain what you need to know about personalized, effective treatment options. We invite you to take the next step toward regaining the full hair and confidence you deserve.


Are You a Candidate For a Hair Transplant in NYC?

Are you considering a hair transplant procedure, or are you tired of gimmicks, hairpieces and products that don’t deliver worry-free, natural results?

The first step when deciding if an FUE transplant is right for you is scheduling a personal consultation to determine your type of hair loss and your best options.

Candidates typically see progressive, pattern hair loss. Balding will likely run in your family and you may have a good idea of what to expect as you continue to see it progress. In most cases, waiting at least 5 years to establish a pattern and rate of balding is advised, otherwise, hair may be transplanted to areas that change rapidly. For the same reason, young patients are discouraged from seeking hair transplant procedures too soon.


Hair Restoration is no longer just for the A-list, find out about Nova Medical Hair Transplant.

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